“I had two fairly severe conditions that Dr Singer treated. Infections in both large toes, both treated in one visit and healed very well with little or no pain. I had severe ankle joint pain that was also treated with the MLS Laser treatments with excellent results. My ankle is no longer in pain.”

William K. (March 14, 2014)

“After dealing with cronic pain in both feet (both on the ball of my right foot and the heal of my left foot) for several weeks I went to see Dr. Singer to see if he could help. I am on my feet all day at work and the pain starting to last all day. I went there thinking I would get some electronic stimulation treatments but Dr. Singer suggested the MLS laser treatment. While it wasn’t covered under my insurance, the relief I felt after just three treatments was worth every penny. I’ve already recommended this treatment to a friend and will continue to do so. Thanks Dr. Singer.”

Larry C. (March 13, 2014)

“I just went through [MLS] laser treatment for the last three weeks and I never experienced this before, it was great!

I’ve had pain in my right pain of my foot. I’ve tried cortisone twice–it helped some. Dr. Singer suggested laser treatment. I was scared, but it was easy. During the treatment, I did not feel a thing. I had treatment three times and now, no pain. I would do it again if I have to. Dr. Singer was gracious and kind. Thank you very much.”

May M. (September 26, 2013)

“I had been experiencing pain when putting weight on the ball of my left foot. Dr. Singer offered laser treatments to help alleviate the pain. The first treatment was on the center of the foot. After that treatment, the pain in that part was gone. I have received for the side and upper part of my foot near the toes because that part was still a problem. As I leave after that treatment I can start to feel a difference. I will come back for another treatment and I’m happy to be pain free.”

Kathleen H. (September 19, 2013)

“I had my Bunion on my right foot done a year an a half ago. With a different doctor. I had problems with it ever since. I was lucky and found Dr. Singer– God was with me. He did my Bunion, and he fixed my nerve that was also giving me pain in the same area. He also used the same area where the scar was so I wouldn’t have 2 scars. I find Dr. Singer to be a caring Doctor, who I would recommend to everyone. I also had a cyst on the top of the same foot. Dr. Singer did acupuncture on that and I have not had a problem with that area since. Dr. Singer is one of my favorite doctors. He is the best.”

Sylvia H. (March 20, 2011)

“A very caring doctor who gives a very accurate diagnosis.

Stays very close to his schedule as far as seeing patients on time.”

Steven F. (May 2, 2007)